Pantami Becomes First African Fellow of CIISec


The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Prof. Isa Ali Ibrahim (Pantami), has become the first African to be conferred with a fellowship status by the Chartered Institute of Information Security, CIISec.
The honour was bestowed on the minister after rigorous interviews and evaluations.
With the award, Pantami becomes the first and the only African fellow admitted into CIISec, among 89 other fellows.
CIISec Fellowship is awarded to individuals who have earned respect and authority within the Cybersecurity community and have demonstrated a commitment to develop the profession.
CIISec (the Home of Cyber) is the only genuine information and cybersecurity institution granted the Royal Charter of Incorporation status in the United Kingdom since 2018.
The institute has been dedicated to raising the standard of professionalism in information and cybersecurity.
Information from the website of the institute shows the name of Professor Isa Ali Ibrahim on the updated list of current fellows and the only African among 89 other fellows.
According to the institute, “Fellow is the highest level of attainment in the Chartered Institute of Information Security’s (CIISec) membership levels and is there to recognize industry leaders in the information/cyber security profession; meet the aspirations for recognition of achievement and contribution to the profession, within the current membership body; and attract those in the profession with higher levels of skills, experience, respect and attainment.
Some of the fellows are David Alexander; Leslie Anderson; Rory Alsop; Darren Argyle; Paul Baird“Professor Richard Benham; Steve Benton; Owen Birnie; Martyn Boston; Phil Brooke; Kevin Brown; Nathan Clarke; Alessandro Crompton; Andrew Cobbett; Dr. Allan Cook and John Cook.
Others honoured include Phil Cracknell; Pete D’Ardenne; John Davies; Dr. Jon Davies; Dr. Budgie Dhanda; Inderpal Dhami; Professor Paul Dorey; Professor Daniel Dresner; Ethan Duffell; Chris Cooper Phill Everson; Mike Faulks; Mike Fell and David Ferbrache.
The list includes Peter Fischer; Daryl Flack; Professor Steven Furnell; Jean-Christophe Gaillard; Mike Garside; Chris Gausden ;Andre Gorvel; Mary Haigh and Edward Hamilton
The details on the award revealed the procedures for being a Fellow of CIISec.
Another brief added: “The process for becoming a Fellow requires a nomination by either a CIISec Board Member, Full member, or a Fellow member, which is then followed by rigorous interviews and evaluations to determine a candidate’s suitability.
“The hierarchy of individual membership of CIISec is as depicted in the membership hierarchy chart.
“Professor Pantami, who is a passionate advocate of acquiring professional skills that meets the demand of the future work environment (he has authored a book on the topic) joins the league of top cybersecurity experts in the world, and the first from the African continent that is awarded the Fellowship of the chartered institute.