‘33’ Export reward 33 friends with Boxing Day gifts

Double ‘33’ Export yesterday rewarded 33 lucky friends with Boxing Day gifts.

This initiative was borne out of the desire of the company to remind its consumers on the reason for the season and the true essence of Boxing Day.

The beer brand took to its Facebook page to announce the competition on Christmas Eve, Facebook users were asked to simply nominate a special friend they would like to give a Boxing Day surprise.

The selected 33 winners were so delighted, taking to social media to share their excitement, whilst thanking the beer brand for making the festive season extra special and rewarding.

One of the lucky winners who preferred to remain anonymous spoke of his excitement.

“I felt really special. Knowing that my friend nominated me to get a Boxing Day gift makes me feel really proud and thankful. “33” Export has really put a smile on my face this season.”

“33” Export is a quality lager beer brewed to the highest standards for a crisp and refreshing taste. The Code of Friendship.


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