Greek Ombudsman: Poor conditions in several detention areas

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ATHENS, Greece (AP) — A report from Greece’s Ombudsman on detention facilities reveals cases of conditions so poor they constitute “inhuman and degrading treatment,” and continued overcrowding in about half of the country’s prisons despite efforts to reduce the inmate population.

The watchdog’s 2017 report released Friday said some police station and coast guard holding cells were particularly problematic, with filthy conditions, no yard access and insect infestations. Those affected included migrants awaiting deportation.

Conditions in some facilities were described as “appalling.” In one, detainees spent months pending deportation in “exceptionally dirty” cells. In one coast guard station, underage migrants had only an outdoor garden hose to shower with.

The Ombudsman visited the facilities unannounced in 2017 as part of Greece’s commitments under the U.N.’s Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture.

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