Stacey Abrams’ trying to mobilize Georgia’s sporadic voters

Elections 2018 Abrams Turnout 27843 - Stacey Abrams’ trying to mobilize Georgia’s sporadic voters

FOREST PARK, Ga. (AP) — Democrat Stacey Abrams says she cannot become governor of Georgia without convincing tens of thousands of sporadic voters to come to the polls.

So her campaign is spending considerable sums on paid canvassers, field offices for volunteers and direct mail pieces aimed at more than 1.5 million Georgians who don’t usually vote in midterm elections.

It’s a contrast to Republican Brian Kemp. The current secretary of state has a well-funded and aggressive campaign, but will depend more on the traditional Republican electorate in Georgia.

Abrams is trying to become the first black female governor in U.S. history.

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Early returns from mail-in ballots suggest she’s having at least some success in coaxing ballots from black voters and young voters who didn’t vote in the 2014 midterms.

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