Galaxy-Toronto FC, Sums

Los Angeles 1 2—3
Toronto 3 2—5

First half_1, Toronto, Vazquez, 7 (van der Wiel), 5th minute; 2, Toronto, Altidore, 6 (Osorio), 16th; 3, Toronto, Giovinco, 11 (van der Wiel), 36th; 4, Los Angeles, Ibrahimovic, 17 (Dos Santos), 43rd.

Second half_5, Los Angeles, Kamara, 10 (Dos Santos), 54th; 6, Los Angeles, Feltscher, 1 (Cole), 58th; 7, Toronto, Osorio, 10 (Delgado), 75th; 8, Toronto, Chapman, 3 (Delgado), 90th.

Goalies_Los Angeles, David Bingham, Justin Vom Steeg; Toronto, Alex Bono, Clint Irwin.

Yellow Cards_Toronto, Osorio, 28th; Hagglund, 53rd; Morrow, 58th; Altidore, 79th. Los Angeles, Skjelvik, 24th; Romney, 68th; Ibrahimovic, 82nd; Feltscher, 86th; Dos Santos, 90th; Boateng, 90th.

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Referee_Nima Saghafi. Assistant Referees_Jason White; Andrew Bigelow; Guido Gonzales Jr. 4th Official_Silviu Petrescu.



Toronto_Alex Bono; Nick Hagglund, Justin Morrow, Eriq Zavaleta, Gregory van der Wiel; Michael Bradley, Marky Delgado, Jonathan Osorio, Victor Vazquez (Lucas Janson, 66th); Jozy Altidore (Jay Chapman, 81st), Sebastian Giovinco.

Los Angeles_David Bingham; Ashley Cole, Rolf Feltscher, Dave Romney, Jorgen Skjelvik (Michael Ciani, 46th); Jonathan Dos Santos, Perry Kitchen (Emmanuel Boateng, 78th); Romain Alessandrini, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Bradford Jamieson IV (Adis Husidic, 69th), Ola Kamara.

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