‘Nigerians are not aware they have the ability of Bill Gates in them’

Chairman of the board of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Senator Olabiyi Durojaiye, has said that many Nigerians do not know they have the ability of Bill Gates in them.

He made this statement on the occasion of his 85th birthday and public presentation of his book in Lagos recently.

According to him, there are many of youths who are jobless because they do not know that they possess huge potentialities for greatness.

Durojaiye said, “There are so many Nigerian youths who are roaming the streets, graduates looking for jobs, not knowing that they have more than the kind of job they are looking for.

“So many of them have the ability of Bill Gates, but they do not know because they are not aware of that giant in them”

Durojaiye further stated that there would be an institution where Nigerians could participate in the coming global digitilisation revolution: “We have a plan. We are trying to introduce an institution for youth in higher institutions. The criteria is to write aptitude tests, irrespective of where they come from, as far as you are a Nigerian, to come and study special programmes involved.

“Nigerians can participate effectively in the coming global digitilisation revolution that is going on; Nigeria is part of the race, and it is only you, the youth, that will do it, and we are going to fish you out and encourage you and enable you to know it.”

He further disclosed that his goal was not only to create jobs, but to also place Nigeria on the world map.

“My target is not only for creating employment, but putting us on the world map among the achievers in the telecommunications industry, a global digitisation company”

Executive vice chairman, NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta, at the event, said Durojaiye has brought harmony between the board and the management of the NCC.

“His leadership style is consultative. He is a team leader and a good man. We have seen these attributes of his leadership in the way and manner harmony in NCC exists, especially the board, and the management.

“We act together in harmony to ensure we drive the telecommunications sector in the right direction of growth as well as empowerment of Nigerians who daily subscribe to telecommunication services in order to make a living.”

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