The 11 high-paying jobs at Yahoo

YAHOO!, though struggling, is still one of the biggest websites in the world. It gets hundreds of millions of users every month, and generates more than $4 billion in annual revenue. Indiatimes

So it’s no surprise that Yahoo needs to hire top talent across the board, from product management and engineering to sales and marketing. Of course, top talent entails hefty compensation.

We sifted through salary data on Glassdoor to put together a list of the highest paid jobs at Yahoo, and it looks like it rewards its employees pretty handsomely. Here are the 11 of the highest-paying jobs at the company.

1. Senior product management director — $247,047

Product managers play a central role in every project, dealing with sales, software engineers, marketing directors, and pretty much all aspect of the whole process. As a product manager, you create product roadmaps, communicate product goals with other stakeholders and often manage the budget as well.

2. Senior engineering director — $228,791

Experience matters in engineering and experienced engineering directors help lead Yahoo’s widely spread engineering teams to work towards a common goal. The job varies depending on which department you’re working on, but it’s a top priority for any web-based company.

3. Senior director of design — $218,656

Anytime you have a consumer facing product, it’s absolutely important to have a user-friendly design. Yahoo runs a variety of different services and apps, and so designers are paid top dollar to keep things clean. The senior design director’s salary is 38% above the US average, according to Glassdoor.

4. Senior principal engineer — $191,940

Yahoo handles millions of visitors everyday, so it’s important to keep things running quickly and smoothly. It is the principal engineers’ job to oversee this part of the business, from quality control and software development to application operations.

5. Senior principal architect — $185,741

Architect positions at internet companies involve products rather than buildings and the job usually means working on the underlying architecture of any given product, such as designing network systems and improving existing content delivery methods. It’s the backend that supports the smooth delivery of all Yahoo services.

6. Senior software development engineer — $179,959

Software engineers write, design, and develop software and apps. It’s an integral part of any internet company, especially a company of Yahoo’s scale. Engineers get to “commit” code on the first day of work, according to a Quora post.

7. Finance director — $178,198

Yahoo generated more than $4.6 billion in revenue last year, making it one of the largest web properties in the world. That means there’s a lot of financial planning, forecasting, and analysis involved in its business, and it’s not hard to see why its finance directors are paid well.

8. Business development director — $172,282

Business development managers are responsible for working with partners and leading strategic decisions to create revenue generating projects. Yahoo has a big advertising business, so a lot of the work involves working with publishers and advertising networks. Yahoo’s business development managers make 2% above the national average, according to Glassdoor.

9. Marketing director — $167,739

Yahoo’s a consumer facing brand, so it runs a lot of marketing campaigns to raise awareness for its products and services. Plus, Yahoo’s target audience varies by each of its products, which makes the marketing director an important part of its business.

10. Program director — $166,030

Program managers are in charge of overseeing projects through the entire life cycle, including scheduling, risk identification, and communicating with all involved parties. The work spans a lot of different areas, from software implementation and search improvement projects to employee engagement programmes.

11. Senior research scientist — $165,498

Yahoo’s research scientists mostly work at the Yahoo Labs, the company’s research unit that employs hundreds of PhDs focused on machine learning and data analytics. Some of the work they do includes search engine optimization, user personalization and spam detection, among others.