Fed Govt Urged To Prioritise Solar Energy

The Managing Director, Demarg Nigeria Ltd, Mrs. Funmilayo Fadunsi, has urged the Federal Government to take steps that will popularies the use of solar energy in the country.

Speaking with reporters at the 2015 Annual Praise and Thanksgiving Service Reception for the firm in Abuja, she said although there is a commission in charge of renewable energy in the country, it only exists in name.

According to her, government should work its talk to show that it is serious about the adoption and implementation of alternative energy policy in Nigeria by using solar energy in government buildings and houses.

Mrs Fadunsi said with the use of solar energy, Nigeria could end pollution, depletion of the ozone layer and attain a cleaner envrironment .

She said: “We already have commission in charge of renewable energy in solar in Nigeria. They should do more to buttress the importance of renewable energy in Nigeria, not just bearing the name for bearing sake.

“More should be done; they should just stop the lips service they are paying presently and go into the actual and embrace it themselves even in their buildings, having their office equipment, their homes and what have you going solar.

“Even in doing that, we will have a cleaner environment, all this pollution we are talking about, the depletion of the ozone layer will be a thing of the past.”

She insisted that all hands must be on deck to save the environment by going solar.

The Chairman of the company, Gen. Ademola Fadunsi (rtd), advised the government to embrace solar in its entirety because there is no limit to what the Federal Government can get from the sun.

He said:“The Federal Government can even power the whole country from solar. We have sun in abundance in Nigeria. “


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