One Economist’s Positive View of Immigration Highlights Its Centrality to United States Culture and Commerce, says the Law Offices of Henry A. Posada

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SOURCE Law Offices of Henry A. Posada

The Los Angeles immigration attorney comments on a recent Morning Edition interview that too few realize that newcomers are a net plus to the US economy and culture.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — An October 24 NPR Morning Edition interview with labor economist Ethan Lewis of Dartmouth College contrasts the economist’s analysis of research data with some questionable assumptions about immigrants that have gained in political currency in recent years — specifically the notion that immigrants take jobs away from native-born Americans and are a drain on the economy due to their use of social services. In the interview, Dr. Lewis explains to NPR’s Steve Inskeep that immigrants of all types are a net plus to our economy but that, somewhat counterintuitively, low-skilled workers make just as big a contribution as their more highly skilled counterparts. He explains that, by taking low paid jobs that don’t require strong English skills, they actually create better supervisory jobs for the fluent English speakers who are needed to supervise them. Los Angeles based immigration lawyer Henry A. Posada says that the interview points out the reality that immigrants are not just central to our nation’s history and culture, they are an important driver of our economy in ways that relatively few Americans understand.

Mr. Posada says that, on top of the inevitable challenges of moving to a new country, learning the language, and creating a new life, many immigrants to the United States are also faced with some very misguided and hurtful notions about who they are and why they have come to this country. Mr. Posada says that too few of us understand that, while most Americans work very hard, a typical immigrant’s day would exhaust a great many of us. Many immigrants hold down two or more jobs as they struggle to get by, paying taxes like everyone else while often actually going out of their way to avoid using social services, says Mr. Posada. He adds that, contrary to some stereotypes, immigrants as a whole are actually less likely to commit crimes that native-born Americans. Mr. Posada notes that, when many immigrants from less well-off backgrounds become entrepreneurs, they often work even longer hours to start new businesses in fields that are the opposite of glamorous, such as convenience retail, dry cleaning, and janitorial services.

Mr. Posada notes that the willingness to leave their home country to start in a new land means that most immigrants tend to be inherently more energetic and determined than other people. He adds that, aside from the countless individuals from abroad who have created new businesses that have lasted for generations, their cultural contribution to US culture is incalculable. The attorney says that the influence of immigrants to American science, technology, cuisine, and entertainment is so immense that we would scarcely recognize our nation today without them. He adds that many economists believe that the kinds of long-term restrictions on legal immigration that is being discussed in certain quarters would have severe economic consequences, draining much of the energy from the US economy. Restricting immigration would harm the US as much as it would harm would-be immigrants, Mr. Posada says.

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