Combined funeral to be held for 8 killed in NY limo crash

combined funeral to be held for 8 killed in ny limo crash - Combined funeral to be held for 8 killed in NY limo crash

AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (AP) — Urns with the remains of four sisters and four other family members rested at the altar of an upstate New York church for their funeral after last weekend’s limousine crash that killed a total of 20 people.

Mourners lined up for hours on a chilly, cloudy Saturday outside a Roman Catholic church in Amsterdam, New York, to get into the 1 p.m. service.

Many of the victims lived in the area. A half-hour away in Schoharie is the country store where the stretch limo crashed last Saturday after barreling down a hill past a stop sign into another vehicle in the parking lot. All 18 passengers were killed, and two pedestrians.

A week ago, the group was headed to a birthday party at a local brewery.

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